The Team

 "Project Visionary"

"Project Visionary"

Nico Viglucci

I have always been interested in sustainable energy. In high school, I was president of the environmental club, and I'm an EcoRep on Princeton's campus - this year I am in charge of implementing a free repair lab for students' clothing. I spend much of my time working closely with the Office of Sustainability. Throughout my career at Princeton, I've taken environmentally-related classes, such as ENV 200 and MAE 228. I intend to graduate with a certificate in Sustainable Energy from the Andlinger Center, in the process learning more about the research side of sustainable energy and sustainable systems.

After attending a talk by Professor Forrest Meggers on his work with radiant heating and cooling, I was inspired to pursue this project. I hope to provide Professor Meggers' CHAOS lab a practical platform on which to test the systems that they design. This bus will serve as an experiment as well as a project in the design of an entire living environment.

 "Right Hand Man"

"Right Hand Man"

Ben Giugliano

Ben is super passionate about engineering a smarter and more sustainable future. Around the Princeton campus, you might see him running up and down Washington with the Princeton Running Club, playing trumpet in the PUP Pit Band, or just being a normal Princeton student and rushing from class to class. With several years of robotics experience, Ben has developed a natural calling to the lab and a deep love for hands on work in the Mechanical Engineering Department. While he is no magician or psychic, Ben sees himself in 10 years as a quirky mechanical engineer working at a large tech company and having a blast doing it!

 "Mechanical Design"

"Mechanical Design"

Tristan LaCombe

I'm a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student at Princeton University. I'm from Oklahoma and I enjoy modifying and driving my '88 Jeep and designing, building and flying model aircraft. As a car/truck fan I'm excited to help Nico build this bus into an awesome mobile living space by designing parts of the dynamic furniture and helping out with mechanical projects!


 "Media Manager"

"Media Manager"

Claire Orare

Claire is a Chemical and Biological Engineering major on a Pre-Med track. She is passionate about sustainability and is excited to be an EcoRep and a part of the PUTT-PUTT project. On campus, you can find her taking photos, eating, or hanging out with friends.

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Hanna Szabo

Hanna’s planning on studying biology, and has no idea how she ended up around all these engineering students. She’s psyched to spend time on construction, and thinks sustainable living is the way to go. You can find her around campus trying to take pictures of those elusive squirrels or heading to the radio station to listen to some sick tunes.



Wendy Ho

Wendy is an undecided engineering major and is psyched to help turn a bus into a sustainable tiny house. You can find her napping at the Lewis Library or sometimes at the climbing wall.


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Carmen Chen

Carmen is a civil and environmental engineering major who enjoys architecture and design. She loves to travel, and you can find her on a new travel every summer (cities are her favorite)! As an EcoRep, she also works toward a more sustainable future for the world by promoting a green campus. Last but not least, puppies are Carmen’s favorite animal!



Dale Lee

Dale is pursuing a degree in economics or computer science from Princeton University, but at heart she is a nascent engineer. She is excited to learn about sustainable engineering and work on the software and hardware components of putt putt. Outside of this project, she pursues her engineering interests as a member of Engineers Without Borders and enjoys reading and going to Home Depot in her free time.


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Sneha Iyer

Sneha is a sophomore studying mechanical and aerospace engineering with a minor in computer science. She's passionate about sustainable, creative and innovative engineering and excited to combine all these interests with PUTT-PUTT. When she's not drowning in problem sets you can find her hitting people on the field as a member of the Princeton Women's Rugby team, traveling/hiking/exploring, or enjoying the smell of Barnes&Noble.


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Tini de Soto

Tini is a chemistry major from Miami thinking about pursuing a vis certificate. You can find her around taking pictures, sailing, or holed up in Frick. Her favorite animals are pugs and koalas. She can’t wait to work with the PUTT PUTT team to help transform the bus into a sustainable tiny house!



Alexandra Koskosidis

Alexandra is studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton and is super excited to finally start doing something hands-on. Around campus, you can find her playing squash or daydreaming about being in Greece.


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Nicholas Kick

I am a sophomore in Rocky studying Civil and Environmental Engineering with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. I put a lot of value into sustainable solutions and P.U.T.T. P.U.T.T. is the perfect storm of a hands-on engineering project and an environmental experiment. I will be focusing on the mechanical aspects of the bus, designing and building different components and improving the current systems. Besides the bus, I am webmaster for PUEA and the technical team lead for the EWB Peru team. If you ever see me around campus or working on the bus, come say hi and ask about my dog; she’s a husky and I’ll show you pictures!


Lap Hei Lam

Lap Hei is interested in making cities more sustainable as a whole. He is interested in engineering, but is not sure exactly which one because they all sound interesting. At Princeton, Lap Hei is an EcoRep and on the Dominican Republic team for Engineers with Borders. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, looking at memes, and making ramen.


Lily Rezai

Lily is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree and is stoked to work on hands-on projects outside of class. Combining her experiences as an EcoRep, a budding engineer, and a devout recycler, she hopes to help create a more sustainable future through the bus transformation. You can catch her running, climbing, or cartwheeling throughout campus, or scoping out trees to hammock across if the weather is extra nice.