Sustainable Bus Conversion

The   P.U.T.T. -  P.U.T.T.


Behind the Build

I bought a 1998 Thomas Transit-Liner school bus with the eventual goal to convert it into a comfortable, versatile home that can be lived in year-round, off-the-grid, with minimal environmental impact. The amenities will be powered by an experimental solar array that charges a bank of lithium-ion batteries, the interior will be cooled by a passive, low-energy HVAC system, and the build's performance will be monitored by integrated computer hardware that publishes data to our website.

In an effort to make our work open source, we plan on thoroughly documenting the process so that anyone can build upon our design!


The Blog

To follow the build, check out our blog, where we'll post updates about renovations, design, and our experiences along the way.



The objective of this project is to design and build a sustainable living space that is functional, yet leaves almost no impact on the surrounding environment. This project is an extension of my goals as an environmentally-conscious mechanical engineering student hoping to learn more about integrated sustainable systems and architectural design while sharing the details of the build and results of our plans with the greater community.

For more about how the project got started and an outline of our goals, see The Project page.



About Us

MY NAME IS Nico Viglucci.

Growing up on the waters of Miami and East of the Everglades, environmental conservation has always been an integral part of my life.

To learn more about The Team, visit our page.

Open Source

We want to keep our build as accessible to you as possible, whether that be through interaction with us via The Blog, our stream of Live Data, our Construction documentation, or our Open Source design plans. Hopefully, people wanting to do similar projects can improve on ours! We'll do our best to detail each system we install on the bus, but if you have any questions about details of the build, Contact Us

 Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

Step-by-step build

We want to lay out each step of the process for everyone to see, so you can find information regarding all the systems and design decisions we make under Construction.

 Stripped Bare

Stripped Bare

The Gallery

You can find photos of design details, places we've been, and other relevant topics at the Project Gallery.

 We'll update you when we get our sensors online

We'll update you when we get our sensors online

Live Streaming Data

Data for energy consumption, thermodynamic efficiency of heating & cooling systems, and feedback from other sensors that have been installed on the bus can be viewed under Live Data